Need a Loan but bad credit history or blacklisting is holding you back?

Let us help you get the Finance you need.

When you need a loan to upgrade or make quick fixes, we at GuruLoans are your wright solution! Applying for a personal or consolidation loan, for any reason, is very quick and easy - it is just a matter of completing a simple online loan application here.

Guruloans have affordable loans to all South African's - whether you are blacklisted or not. with 15 years of of updating and correcting negative listing on ITC profile, you can be rest assured that we will go all out to  get you  approved for a  loan of your choice, We have flexible solution designed to give you access to the money you need, when you need a loan or finance the most. Guruloans is completely safe and our service really do work we have assisted thousands of consumers over many years, we are completely legitimate, and your loan application is held in the strictest confidence

Apply for a Short/Long Term Loan or a Personal Loan of R1500  - R250 000 blacklisted or not And Get Cash Paid Into Your Account Today
Debt Problems
we can assist over-indebted
 South Africans with paying reduced installments

Step 1

Sign/complete our application form and send back , once received we will begin the process of updating and correcting your record

Step 2 

Once your credit profile's negative listing has been updated/corrected we will submit your application form to our panel of more than 30 ncr registered credit providers to approve your loan, if successful money will be paid in to your account within 24hrs after approval.

Representative Example of a loans
For the purpose of providing an example of the rates and terms, if you borrow R15,000 over 15 months at a fixed rate of 28% per annum, with an admin fee of R68.40 per month as well as an initiation fee of R1,197 the charges would amount to a representative rate of 68% APR (fixed). The total amount repayable would be R22,717

It is important to note that we are not a lender. We act as an online loan matching broker that works with a variety of NCR licenced direct lenders within in South Africa. Rates typically charged range from 20% APR to 112% APR. We provide a FREE no obligation loan matching service. The APR on your loan will be based on your credit profile and personal circumstances. Loan repayment terms range from 2 to 60 months. Some lenders or brokers that we work with may charge you a fee to process your application.